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Harnessing our common need for land, shelter, and community through sustainable property redevelopment and stewardship.

CommonLand Solutions is a trusted advisor for nonprofits, municipalities, housing cooperatives, and public-purpose developers seeking to purchase, develop, rehabilitate, or improve property, affordable housing, infrastructure, and recreational and cultural facilities. CommonLand Solutions delivers housing and community development services to:

  • nonprofits,

  • municipalities,

  • cooperatives, and

  • development corporations delivering public good.


Liz Curry's work is grounded in the principles of the commons – the belief that

community stewardship is our responsibility to sustain the physical, cultural, and natural

resources we create and consume, for future generations. CommonLand's inspiration

comes from the beauty of our rural communities and our collective history and cultures

which are rooted in the pride that people feel for what we are able to accomplish together.  


The land where Vermont statehood was declared began before white colonists supplanted the

indigenous people of the  Wabanaki Federation, whose homeland stretched across northern

New England, from modern-day eastern Maine to southern Quebec. Vermont officially recognizes              Photo by Owl Iris Photography

the Abenaki  Nation and the state as their homeland, which they shared with other  Wabanaki tribes long before white colonists arrived. 


CommonLand seeks to honor our collective heritage and support communities in their efforts to revitalize and redevelop property with respect for our shared stewardship responsibilities. Vermont's indigenous culture helped to anchor a statewide ethic of land stewardship with future generations of people, flora, and fauna in mind.  

Revitalizing old buildings, adapting underutilized ones, improving recreational areas, or building critical infrastructure are pivotal opportunities to improve the quality of our lives and the environment, and in many cases strengthen the financial resiliency of those who experience negative social, racial, and economic disparities that impact all of us. CommonLand is honored to work with volunteers, municipal government, and community and neighborhood activists whose initiative brings transformational projects that strengthen our communities, close disparities, and increase safety, security, and sense of belonging for all of our neighbors.


CommonLand's goal is to harness our common stories by building relationships, knowing that our communities achieve greater impact when we work together to solve a problem.

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