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Harnessing our common need for land, shelter, and community through sustainable development and stewardship.

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CommonLand Solutions is a trusted advisor for organizations, municipalities, housing cooperatives, and public-purpose developers seeking to purchase, develop, rehabilitate, or improve property, affordable housing, infrastructure, and recreational and cultural facilities.

Liz Curry launched CommonLand Solutions to deliver housing and community development services to:



cooperatives, and

development corporations delivering public good.

Her work is grounded in the principles of the commons – the belief that community stewardship is our responsibility to sustain the physical, cultural, and natural resources we create and consume, for future generations.

The beauty of rural communities seeps beneath the landscapes of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. Vermont has a history and culture that is rooted in the pride that people feel for what we share in common, and are able to accomplish together as one of the smallest states in the nation. This pride is often rooted in stories of how one street corner, a building, park, or neighborhood made a pivotal impact in their lives. Many of these stories emerge from volunteers, municipal government, or community and neighborhood activists who preserve the best of Vermont's places and stories while creating new ones that increase the safety, security, and sense of belonging for our neighbors.


CommonLand's goal is to harness our common stories by building relationships, knowing that our communities achieve greater impact when we work together to solve a problem.


CommonLand Solutions is just a small piece of a larger puzzle, so connectedness to local partners is critical for any project's success. CLS has a reputation for achieving outcomes on-time and on-budget, with a strong capability in driving a project towards desired goals by identifying and engaging a robust set of human, financial, and community resources in support of the client's needs. 

If you are interested in working with CommonLand Solutions, the best way to reach Liz Curry is via email.

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