Harnessing our common need for land, shelter, and community through sustainable stewardship.

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Liz Curry launched CommonLand Solutions, LLC to meet the needs of:



cooperatives for comprehensive housing and community development services,

development corporations delivering public good.

The beauty of small town living reaches beyond the landscapes of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. Vermont has a unique history and culture that is rooted in pride for its people. When visitors drive through the Green Mountain State and meet community residents, they hear the stories of how one street corner, a building, park or storefronts made a pivotal impact in their lives. Liz Curry is dedicated to preserving these places and the stories they embody.


Her work is grounded in the principles of the commons – the belief that community stewardship is our responsibility to sustain the physical, cultural, and natural resources we create and consume, for future generations.


Liz Curry's approach to project management is intentional and deliberative. Every step of the process has a purpose to the overall success of the build. As an iterative process, she works with clients to adhere to the deadlines that lead to reaching important milestones, then step back to make sure the bigger picture is still in focus and advises the project team on course-corrections and removing unexpected barriers.


Liz enjoys building relationships, knowing our community sees greater impact when we all work together to solve a problem. CommonLand Solutions is just a small piece of a larger puzzle, so connectedness to local partners is critical to any project's success.

If you are interested in working with CommonLand Solutions, the best way to reach Liz Curry is via email.